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Myra HQ

A mobile-first app where you, the creator earn first

How Does It Work?

Convert your engagement into currency to spend on products, offers and gain access to exclusive events.

1: Create your space

You are unique and you have unique things to say. And a personality that deserves its own space. Why not build your own place, where you’re free to showcase yourself and watch the world celebrate.

2: Share moments

Post that picture, share your moments, upload those videos and show the meme you made. Do all the cool things you do that amplifies you as a creator, who is great!

3: Build your community

There is somebody for everybody! We make discovering you as easy as 1,2,3. Make meaningful connections. Build a dedicated community or celebrate if you’re an artist with your own personal fanbase.

4: Get paid

Get rewards, points and cash from your very first story post. Tell the world about you to gain exclusive access to your interests. Celebrate your culture, your identity and we’ll give you the value you deserve!

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Convert your engagement into currency

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Why Myra HQ?

Engage To Earn

Why Myra HQ?

100% Yours

You own all the content that you create, your videos, your pictures, your intellectual property, and everything you post, belongs to you.

Promote your Content

We will promote your content, on your behalf, with your permission and you’ll earn from every campaign, brand partnership and transaction.

Your Community

Build and stay in control of how you engage with your community with tokens, it's yours, you can leave and take them with you wherever you go.

Receive Tips

Earn tips or tip your favourite content creator, show and be shown love and appreciation for the hard work you do.

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Convert your engagement into currency